Magic Saltstraumen


Magic Saltstraumen is situated in a spectacular building at the foot of the Saltstraum Bridge, close to the world’s strongest tidal current. Inside this outstanding building, Saltstraumen’s hidden and exciting stories are brought to life and form the basis for, and give rise to, many adventures, both culinary and through photographs and films.

There is also a small souvenir shop if you want to take home a reminder of your visit.

Norwegian salmon are to be on display in the outdoor pool, with information about Norwegian fish farms and salmon exports an essential feature.
Around the centre, visitors can wander in the beautiful landscape with 6km of surfaced nature trails with plenty of places to stop and rest.

Saltstraumen was recently chosen as one of The Wild Wonders of Europe because of its impressive marine life and the wild currents.

Here, you can watch an awe-inspiring film of the depths of the world’s strongest tidal current, which will leave a lasting impression on you. The film will give you a visual experience of brightly coloured sea anenomae and sea cucumbers in pink, green and orange, sea fans, bubble gum corals, dead man’s finger corals, breadcrumb sponge and sea lilies which filter their food from the nutrient-rich water. There are two coral reefs with stony corals and a coral reef with horny corals here. In other words, a film that shows the natural wonders of a unique underwater environment.
People flock to Norway from around the world to experience the country’s incredible scenery and wildlife – not just the phenomenon that is Saltstraumen!

It is said that many more people come to experience the Northern Lights. In the cinema, you can watch a documentary on the Northern Lights. This documentary examines fascinating myths, history and facts through amazing film footage and images. Most cultures have legends about the polar light, passed from generation to generation. It takes viewers on a journey through myths, faith and supernatural beliefs.
The film explains about the sun in simple terms, and using animations from NASA shows how the Northern Lights are formed, where to go in order to see them, how we can predict them and how you can take wonderful photographs of them. The film ends with a time-lapse sequence from Ole C. Salomonsen, one of the world’s best Northern Lights photographers.

The daily ebb and flow of the tide through the narrow strait linking Saltfjorden and Skjerstadfjorden generates incredibly strong currents in the swirling water. The rich occurrence of fish that feed here and the dangerous currents have provided fertile ground for settlement, culture and myths for the past ten thousand years and a veritable treasure trove of cultural relics surround Norway’s third oldest documented settlement. The Viking chieftain Raud den Rame (Raud the Strong) lived in the area and is described in the saga of Snorre.

Experiencing Saltstraumen at its height is a dramatic experience! Saltstraumen itself is situated within walking distance, just 100-150m from the building.

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