Guided tour to Strandåtind at Kjerringøy


Strandåtind on Kjerringøy is a classic in Norwegian mountain sports. Strandåtind is a long and airy back traverse. More climbing than Stetind, but never harder. Ranked as Norway’s 3rd most difficult peak to climb.

An ascent of Strandåtind is within easy reach if you have good hiking condition and courage. Here you can set foot on one of the classic mountains in Norwegian mountain sports.

Strandåtind is the most demanding of our guided climbing trips. We recommend that you have been to Hamarøyskaftet or Stetind before choosing this trip.

Level: Demanding and airy climbing.
Number of participants: Maximum 2 (3) pieces per guide. We can possibly provide more guides.
Duration: 12 hours + / –
Season: May – September.
Weather conditions: Yes. The trip is made only in inclement weather and high cloud cover.

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