Cave tour in Vikgrotta


Vikgrotta is a sporty, beautiful and somewhat demanding cave that is suitable for you who like challenges.

Cave tour in Saltdal.
Here we walk in beautiful marble corridors, potholes and past a beautiful waterfall. You have to endure some narrow passages. Vikgrotta is for small groups with a desire for adventure.
Nordland has most of the caves in Norway. Saltdal has large areas with marble as bedrock and thus also many caves. Vikgrotta is the most visited cave here.

Beautiful marble and giant pots
The experiences in Vikgrotta are varied; the trip starts with two narrow (but short) passages. Further in we pass potholes in beautiful marble before we go under a 20 meter high waterfall.

You dare to try this?
You have to endure narrow passages, some splitting and hilly terrain. As long as you dare to try, we make sure you get in and out of Vikgrotta safely.

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