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Engen Gård (farm)


Engen Gård (farm) is idyllic situated close to the glacier Engenbreen, an arm of the larger Svartisen glacier, in Meløy. The farm has a spectaculare view of the fjord and the glacier. This is truly something out of the ordinary.

The farm has a residential house, a barn and an smithy (Smie). The property is totaly 1000 acres. The oldest part of the residential house is from the 1920’s and built has a traditional Nordlandshus. Newer additions to the house was built in 70’s and 80’s. The house has in recent years been renovated. «Smia» is just renovated in a rustic style.

The Main house has 6 bedrooms and with 11 beds. Rooms with single and double bed. Here you will find a fully equipped kitchen, two livingrooms, two bathroom and laundry room. The terrace is facing the north and south. «Smia» have 6 beds, main room, kitchen and bathroom. Terrace with directly view against the glacier.

To get to the farm you need to park your car on the mainland (by the road 17) and take the local boat from Holandsvika to Svartisen (10 min). There is 400 meter to the farm from the boat landing.

With Engen Gård as a base lies a wonderful natural area available. Read here for more info on the Svartisen area.

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