STUDIO EBN - salmon leather bags and accessories

EBEN evolved from the idea of using material connected to the region, and this led to the choice of using salmon leather as a sustainable and exotic option. EBEN are developing responsible products representing a new take on the Nordic aesthetics.

Local products
2017-05-1201:25 Raymond Jakobsen

EBEN was founded in 2013 by Norwegian designer Elisabeth Benonisen. After working in the fashion industry in Oslo, New York and London, her roots lured her back to her hometown Bodø, where the brand is based. You will find unique handbags for ladies and some unisex accessories in the EBEN Store."

Storgata 8, Entrance from Professor Schyttes gate
8006 BODØ, Norway.

Phone: +47 90 73 49 22
E-mail: contact@eben.no
Web: www.eben.no

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René Larshaug