Tranøy lighthouse


Tranøy is a magical place for peace of mind and pleasure. To just be there either in good weather or in a storm and experiencing the mighty mountains, the ocean, the birds, the midnight sun, the northern lights leaves deep traces in your body and soul.

A 250 meter walkway takes you to Tranøy lighthouse located in Hamarøy municipality. The lighthouse was built in 1864 and is today automated and in full operation. Our restaurant offers home-cooked food with the best ingredients from the area. The resort has up to 40 beds in 16 different rooms. At Tranøy Lighthouse you can either just BE, or you can take a guided tour in the lighthouse, fish from the rocks at the lighthouse, jump into the sea, watch the birds, take a picture of the laundry with the Lofoten mountainwall in the background, take a walk or ride a bike in our powerful nature. You are very welcome:)

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