Join a Moose Safari in Northern Norway?

Want to join us for a moose safari in Northern Norway? Experience the thrill of a close meeting with the moose, the largest land animal in Europe. We head out to areas where there is a good chance to see the moose grazing. Our guarantee to you is: No moose seen, no pay!

2018-01-1814:20 Stine Eidissen Bya

The Moose is quite shy and is easily scared back into the woods, but normally they are quite co-operative and allow us to get quite near. We know the habits and life of the moose and where we have the best chances to see them.

Elg  the moose is called Elg in Norway, but the moose is not comparable with the american elk. The elk (cervus canadensis) , however, is an entirely different deer (much smaller).

Largest in Europe – the moose is Europes largest land animal, also the largest member in the deer family. A fully grown bull are over 2 meters high at the shoulders and weighs up to 750 kg (1650 lb). Cows seldom weighs more than 470 kg (1035 lb).


Easy. Everyone can join.


An average trip will last 4 - 5 hours.

Group size & Capacity

Maximum group size is 15.

Season & Availability

The absolute best season for a moose safari in Norway is summer. June-August.

Booking and more information

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