Trekking on your own in DNTs network of cabins


DNT has 20 cabins in the beautiful mountain areas in Salten. The cabins are connected through a network om marked routes. Choose between one day up to many days hike. The hikes are not guided. You should be used to hiking in the wilderness and be prepared for cold weather even in summer.

Here is a collection of tree recommended walks:
The historical walk “Telegrafruta”. The route crosses Saltfjellet national park from north to south, and follows the old telegraph line which was built around 1860. Two of the cabins along the route were built as shelter for workers along the line. More information here (in Norwegian): Telegrafruta – Historisk vandrerute
Across Nordland County – from the Swedish border to Glomfjord. A five days walk through the heart of Saltfjellet national park and (last part) close to the Svartisen glacier. More information (in Norwegian): Nordland på tvers – Fra Graddis til Glomfjord (Fykan)
From mountain to fjord – hike from Beiarfjellet to Åseli. A two days walk easily available from Bodø (bus transport to starting point and back from ending point). More information (in Norwegian): Fra fjell til fjord – fottur fra Beiarfjellet til Åseli med overnatting på Tverrbrennstua og Lurfjellhytta
You find more suggestions (in Norwegian) at

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