Nordskottraversen in Steigen


The Nordskot Traverse in Steigen is Northern Norway’s equivalent of Besseggen. The Nordskot Traverse is an airy mountain ridge with steep cliffs on both sides. Some sections of the Nordskot Traverse require ropes and safety measures. Here, you get a spectacular view of mountains, archipelago, and the Lofoten Islands

The Nordskot Traverse in Steigen: If you fancy a mountain hike along a slightly airy mountain ridge, the Nordskot Traverse in Steigen might be just right for you. The Nordskot Traverse offers superb views of mountains, archipelago, and the Lofoten Islands.

Some sections secured with ropes: Along the ridge of the Nordskot Traverse, there is a short rappel and a few places where safety is ensured with ropes.

Beautiful ridge traverse: The Nordskot Traverse is more of a beautiful ridge traverse where you mostly walk without any climbing involved. Nevertheless, the view from the Nordskot Traverse and the nicely shaped ridge make this hike well worth experiencing. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly climb, Hamarøyskaftet might be a better choice

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