Bodø European Capital of Culture 2024


In 2024, Bodø and Nordland will be the first European Capital of Culture in the Arctic. Bodø2024 will be the world’s longest party both in terms of time and area covered: the county of Nordland stretches over 800 km from north to south. And the celebration will last for an entire year.

People have been living in Nordland for more than 10,000 years. We still live close to wild nature, and even in a digital age it affects our temperament, our way of living and who we are. The Arctic dimension is also reflected in our approach to culture and in our programme.

Bringing people together
Many big events will be arranged throughout the European Capital of Culture year. It’s time
to cheer, sing and dance together. Our goal is to gather an audience of more than half a
million people.

The programme for Bodø2024 is divided into five seasons that follow the sun’s journey through an Arctic year:

Here comes the sun
Historically speaking, the first season of the year is about production and prosperity. Our history will form the foundation and beginning of the programme year, ARCTICulating the real story of the Nordland region

Spring optimism
Spring is optimism, forward thinking and youth. Spring Optimism will also focus on togetherness, unity and our common European identity. Together we will nourish a warm, democratic society and impede a new cold war.

Midsummer madness
Summer in the Arctic means full day-light for weeks on end. It means fresh seafood, “utepils” (which is the exact same pilsner as the rest of the year, just enjoyed outdoors) and the world’s sweetest strawberries growing around the clock. It means lack of sleep due to intense encounters with nature at its most beautiful.

Autumn storms
After a short, yet intense summer programme, the Autumn Storms intervene. Our programme reflects the return of darker nights – it is time to address and discuss the substantial European topics of our time

Arctic light
The Arctic winter is not about darkness. It’s about colours, nuances, and shades. So is our programme. When the lights are dimmed, new perspectives and colours appear.

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