The venerable Skogvoktergården is located at Storjord in Saltdal. The farm is idyllically located where the two rivers, Junkerdalselva and Saltdalselva, are meeting.

The farm has been updated with, among other things, a new bathroom, kitchen, new beds etc.

There are two houses for rent in the yard;
Skogvokterboligen and Klengstua. Skogvoktergården was built in 1864 as the State Forest Service’s first home in Norway.

From the courtyard there are hiking trails and paths to beautiful Kjemåfossen, the mighty Junkerdalsura, with its distinctive and rare flora, unique Solvågtind and many exciting cultural monuments. There are opportunities for both salmon and sea trout fishing and many exciting hiking opportunities.

Size and arrival:
Beds and equipment for: 9 people
Number of bedrooms: 5
Area: 100 sqm
Arrival: at the earliest at 15:00
Departure: no later than 12:00

Equipment and facilities:
Heating: electricity, fireplace, wood stove
Power: 220V
Toilet: 2 pcs
Shower: 2 pcs
Cooking facilities: stove and oven
Bed linen for: 9 people
Kitchen equipment: Cups and tubs for 15 people, cookware, coffee pot, coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator w / freezer.

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