The exhibition «Skakke folkedrakter» is shown in collaboration with the National Museum. Six contemporary artists have taken a deep dive into clothing traditions, traditional crafts and themselves. They have engaged in dialogue with artists and traditional bearers in Norway and in Sápmi and created six works of art that give new perspectives to conversations about textiles, tradition and identity linked to folk costume traditions.

They have created their own expressions through, among other things,
photography, crank work, beadwork, porcelain, installations, instruments, and dance.
Through their own stories, the artists have explored and challenged the personal,
recognizable, political and contradictions in the costume traditions as they are today. The result is a tribute and a rebellion – an exhibition about costumes that is far from a costume exhibition. An exhibition where costumes are not primarily your costumes, but symbols and ideas that shape our time, our self-understanding, our relationship with others and our history.

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