In this joint Nordic project, we take a look on what is happening in Sami contemporary art!
Sami art is in the air like never before and the artists are very present on the international art

In 2023, the new project Sápmi Triennale (1st edition in 2024) will be introduced, a
ground-breaking and inclusive initiative that brings together Sami artists from Norway,
Sweden and Finland through an Open Call-driven approach to create an impactful
exhibition on a large scale. Sápmi Triennale is based on a democratic
principle. What sets this exhibition apart is its wish for inclusion. With its Open Call format,
the Sápmi Triennale will include new talents while promoting dialogues between different
generations of Sami artists. The exhibition is carried out in collaboration with the Sami
Center for Contemporary Art, Karasjok.

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