Messy Corners – Bodø2024


The Hamsun Center opens a new exhibition about the controversial Hamsun on 16 March
2024. The exhibition highlights how Hamsun has been controversial through his literature
and his life.

On a stage in one corner of the 5th floor, where the exhibition takes place, is designed for small
events, debates and conversations. During the year, the Hamsun Center will organize talks on
controversial topics that are relevant today, under the title: «Ideas that burn».
The literature and culture festival Hamsun Days will be held from the 4th to 10th of August
at Hamarøy. This year’s theme is Drama & Life’s game: «…it is not dramatic, but dreaming, not
acting, but philosophizing. The strongest is the concluding act.» (K.H: «Literature», 1881.)
During Hamsundagene, there will be a separate festival for young people «The traveling book
festival – a cultural festival by and for the young».

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