GIRJE GUMPI – Bodø2024


Joar Nango’s practice is central to the project and builds on his long research in and outside
of Sápmi. One of Joar Nango’s continuing areas of interest is Sami architecture. In part 1 of the
exhibition, the artist’s library of literature in the broadest sense (books, various archives, and
objects) will be included in installations built in the City Museum.

To pass on knowledge on Sami architecture and indigenous knowledge
are central. Part 2 of the exhibition will have 6 Sami artists as collaborators. The artistic
contributions range widely from traditional duodji to painting, textile, installation and
sound art. A traditional larger gamme will be built in the museum garden. It will be developed during a workshop with 12 participants (from different parts of Sápmi) led by Joar Nango.

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