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RIB-safari i Saltstraumen


En must-do i Bodø!

Immerse yourself in unique countryside, together with your guide, and visit the realm of the European Sea Eagle. The trip continues to Saltstraumen, the worlds strongest tidal current. Four times a day, 350 million cubic meters of water pushes its way through a narrow and long strait. The water forms whirlpools that can be up to ten meters wide and five metres deep. You are safe abroad the sturdy boats and you are very close to the stream as it rushes by. In distance from the large eddies, we study the powerful natural phenomenon at close range. Return to Bodø by bus. Notes By combining bus and RIB, and splitting the group, we can double the capacity to 240 people. Group 1: Arrive to Saltstraumen by RIB, return to Bodø by bus. Group 2: Arrive with a scenic drive to Saltstraumen by bus, return to Bodø by RIB. The time includes safety briefing and clothing exchange. This is a world-class experience, and Stella Polaris was named the best tour operator along the coast during the Hurtigruten Awards in 2017.
Duration: from 2 hours
Capacity: 120
Season: March – October

Customized alternatives
Sea Rafting
Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Capacity: 100
Season: March – October
Description: It is possible to head somewhere else than Saltstraumen. Embark on a voyage of discovery in Bodøs beautiful costal landscape. Cruise around the Nordic archipelago, on the open sea, surrounded by mighty mountains and white beaches. You will be given warm and waterproof suits to wear and hot drinks. The boats are large, fast, sturdy, and seats up to 12 in each boat.

Sea Eagle Photo Safari
Duration: min. 2 hours
Capacity: 120
Season: All year round
Description: By RIB boat we can get close to the European Sea Eagle, which gives perfect photo opportunities. In Bodø and the Salten region, there are hundreds of sea eagles. Perennial total protection has provided the world’s largest population of sea eagles. Bring your camera on this excursion, and get some amazing pictures of the majestic bird.

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