Top 14 Insta spots in Bodø & Salten

Keen to have the nicest Instagram feed? Here is a list of the most photogenic places in Bodø og Salten.

2020-08-2808:14 Julie Abelsen

There are few things that prove more popular on social media than photos of majestic mountain peaks, beautiful views, burning sunsets and chalk-white sandy beaches. With its magnificent and varied nature, the Bodø and Salten region offer all this and more.

1. #Hovdsundet

Bodø’s answer to Bora Bora, Hovdsundet is photogenic with a capital P. This chalk-white sandy beach connects the island of Litlhovden with the mainland and is surrounded by crystal clear azure sea. Does it get more Instagram-friendly than that? Hardly.  

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Foto: Jan-Harald Finstad, @janfinstad6


2. #Manshausen

The award-winning Manshausen cabins are situated at Nordskott in Steigen municipality. Not only are these characteristic cabins photogenic in their own right, the surroundings and views of the crystal-clear blue sea are about as Instagram-friendly as it gets.

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Foto: Karoline Pettersen

3. #Finnesfjellet

The iconic rock formations and spectacular views sum up the hike to the top of the mountain Finnesfjellet in Gildeskål municipality. You will find the route’s best Instagram location at an altitude of around 250 m, where the majestic and characteristic Finnesjuran rock formations dominate the landscape.

See description of the hiking route up Finnesfjellet.

Foto: Sophia Wedege Stavnem, @sophiawedege

4. #Rago

Picturesque Rago National Park is in Sørfold municipality. The richly contrasting landscape offers crystal clear rivers, thundering waterfalls, peaceful pine forests, smooth rock formations and jagged cliffs. You will never run out of photo opportunities. Head up to the viewpoint at Grisryggen for Rago’s most beautiful view (and best Insta spot) of the mighty Litlverivassfossen waterfall.

Read more about Rago.

 Foto: Frank Dahl, @frank.dahl

5. #Saltstraumen

Just 33 km from downtown Bodø, you can experience the world’s strongest tidal current, Saltstraumen. This natural phenomenon is a spectacular sight and a cool photo subject. For the best photos, visit when the tidal current is at its strongest.

Read more about Saltstraumen here

Check the Saltstraumen tide table to find out when the tidal current is at its strongest.

Foto: Adam Vradenburg, @adamvradenburg

6. #Keiservarden

Keiservarden (The Emperor’s cairn) is often referred to as the “roof of Bodø” and is one of the city’s most popular hiking destinations. The view from Keiservarden is impeccable – you can look out over the Bodø peninsula, Saltenfjord, Børrvasstindan mountains and the “Lofoten wall”. Go on a Midnight Sun hike here for real Instagram material.

See description of the hiking route up to Keiservarden.

 Foto: Celina Eliassen, @celina.eliassen

7. #Ingeborgfossen

Waterfall + Instagram = true! The Ingeborgfossen waterfalls are in Saltdal municipality, and these powerful and spectacular rapids look extremely good in front of a camera.

See description of the route to the Ingeborgfossen waterfalls.

Foto: Sophia Wedege Stavnem, @sophiawedege

8. #Valnesfossen

Bodø’s highest waterfall, Valnesfossen, is also extremely photogenic. If you want to get the best photos of this waterfall, a cold shower is normally thrown in for good measure but, as the saying goes, do it for the Gram!

 Foto: Astrid Sofie Lien, @astridsophie

9. #The Arctic Hideaway

Award-winning architecture in scenic surroundings – does it get any better? The Arctic Hideaway is situated out at sea on the island of Fleinvær in Gildeskål municipality – a perfect place for peace, tranquillity and wonderful photos.

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Foto: Kathrine Sørgård 

10. #Svartisen

Covering 370 km², the Svartisen glacier stretches across the municipalities of Meløy, Rødøy and Rana and is Norway’s second largest glacier. The ice mass covers a wide spectrum of blue tones, from transparent ice to turquoise and dark blue. The azure lake Engabrevatnet is in front of Engabreen, Svartisen’s most famous ice tongue. You are likely to fill your memory card here – the whole place is the epitome of Instagram-friendliness.

Read more about the Svartisen glacier.

Foto: Karoline Pettersen

11. #Brennviksanden

It’s not without reason that Brennviksanden in Steigen has several times been included on a list of Norway’s most beautiful beaches. This 2 km long beach offers soft white sand, crystal-clear water and colourful flowers, surrounded by majestic mountains.

Brennviksanden is a nature reserve, so camping and campfires are prohibited on and around the beach. However, the beach is a perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, strolling and it’s incredibly photogenic.

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Foto: Elisabeth Nilsen, @elisanilsen

12. #Rødøyløva

You will get one of the best views in the Salten region from the top of Rødøyløva. This mountain summit 440 m above sea level offers spectacular panoramic views of Rødøy’s beautiful archipelago. Hike to the top, take plenty of wonderful photos but be careful: don’t get too close to the edge because some sections contain loose rocks.

See a description of the hiking route up Rødøyløva.

13. #Langsanden

On the island of Sandhornøya in Gildeskål municipality, you will find the beautiful beach, Langsanden. The sand is chalk-white, the sea is blue, and the surroundings are spectacular – ideal conditions for perfect Instagram photos. The grassy field near the beach is a great place for camping.

Read more about Gildeskål.

Foto: Jan-Harald Finstad, @janfinstad62

14. #Hamarøyskaftet

Keen for an aerial experience? A trip to the climbing gem of Hamarøyskaftet offers great views and really cool photos. If you want to conquer this distinctive mountain, you need a guide, but previous climbing experience is not required.

Click here or here to book a guided hike up Hamarøyskaftet.

Foto: Sara Kanutte Skjelvik, @sarakanutte og Håvar Johan Pedersen, @hjohan98