Visit Væran - Bodø's archipelago

You haven’t experienced Bodø until you have been to Væran. It’s easier to get there than you might think, whether you fancy a round trip on a fast passenger boat seeing the ports of call from on deck, spending the day on one of the islands, or living life at a slower pace for a few days.

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Travel planning

Ports of call on the Bodø-Væran route are Sørlandego, Vokkøy, Helligvær,Bliksvær and Givær. Information on the service is available from the transport company Torghatten Nord. Please note that some of the islands are only called at by the fast passenger boat on request, and that some stops do not have a scheduled time.Should you wish to talk to the crew, please call one of the following numbers:M/V «Skogøy» Tel. 992 83 246 M/V «Ofoten» Tel. 992 83 250

You can also call at the Sentrumsterminalen (central terminus) at Sjøgata 3 in order to get help in planning your trip.

(All times given below are valid for summer 2012)For more information about the islands read our article about Island hopping.

The Archipelago – Round Trip or Day Trip

You can start the day with a round trip in the morning every day except Sundays. The boat leaves at 07:45 Monday to Friday. On Saturdays it leaves at 09:20.You can also take an afternoon trip, leaving on weekdays at 16:00, Saturdays at 16:30 and Sundays at 17:00.A roundtrip takes just over two hours.LandegodeThe first stop on the round trip is Sørlandego. You can’t see much of the buildings from the boat, but you can travel here to Bodø’s biggest island in the morning, spend the day on a beach or on a hike, and catch the boat back late in the afternoon. Take your bike along and enjoy the four kilometres down to the beach at Sandvika.If you fancy a mountain walk you can enjoy the most amazing panoramic view from Rypdalstinden peak, the highest summit on the island (802 m asl), or try a shorter walk to Kvitinden peak (788 m asl).Hiker’s maps are available for purchase at Bodø og Omegn Turistforening (Rambler’s Association), Sandgata 3 (entrance in Storgata). You will find their opening hours  here.

HelligværThe fast passenger boat calls at two places in Helligvær, Vokkøy and Sørvær. Vokkøy is called on request. There is a shop and visitor’s quay in Sørvær.There are several ways in which you can spend the day here. The boat from the central terminus, for instance, leaves every Saturday at 09:20, returning to Sørvær at 17:15.Every Saturday morning the café at the Health Centre is open, selling home-made cakes. Guided tours are available, based on the island’s history. More details are found here.You can spend the night at Helligvær Kystopplevelser, ring (+47) 994 72 240

Givær and BliksværGivær is known as Bodø’s westernmost outpost and has about 14 permanent residents and a few cows.Information about activities and overnight accommodation is available here. For overnight accommodation at the school, please ring (+47) 481 52 060Bliksvær is known for its heavenly beach idyll and Bliksvær Nature Reserve, which is one of the world’s most important wetland areas. Information about overnight accommodation at the old school in Bliksvær is available here.