Sailing and fishing

Northern Norway by boat: sailing, fishing, sea eagles and much more ...

2017-09-2411:25 Raymond Jakobsen


We fish for cod, halibaut, saithe, pollack, haddock, mackerel, tusk, ling and some other species. We provide a fishing rod dimensioned for big ocean fish and other fishing equipment.


When there is enough wind we always prefer using sails instead of motor. The boat is fully rigged with four sails: gaffel rigged main and mezzen, jib and staysail of totally 90 sqm. To have the most direct impression from sailing, we do not use winches and other modern eqipment: just hamper ropes and wooden blocks.

Visiting remote islands
There are hundreds of islands scattered around Bodø. Some of then are populated, but most are totally untouched by civilization. Unacessible by cars, the islands are clean and quiet. We love and respect tiny communities of locals where doors do not need a lock. High mountains and wild sandy beaches are to be experienced with virtually no risk to meet any other people.

Staying onboard overnight

With a large saloon, sleeping places for at least 9 persons, toilet and shower you may enjoy the necessary comfort. We also provide access to 220v power, Wifi, towels, bedclothong, hot water: all without any additional cost for you.

About the boat

Karmø is a 46ft (14m) long boat which is currently available for private charter in Bodø (Northern Norway). The boat was built by Ottisen Shipsjard, in Sagvåg, (between Stavanger and Bergen) in 1935 and it was heavily used as a fishing boat until 1980s. Then it was partly restaured and partly rebuilt into a leasure boat. The boat's first name was "Olav" and now it is called "Karmø". This solid wooden two mastered ketch is the perfect vessel to cruise the Norwegian Sea and showcase the spectacular views of Northern Norway.

There are two cabins ahead of the bridge. One has one setee/berth and a double berth and through it you come to a small compartment with 4 berths. There is a large saloon with 9 sitting places behind the bridge. At the bridge there is place for at least 6 persons seating. The boat is equipped with WC, shower and a galley. Beneath the bridge is a machineroom.
The Karmø was built and furnished in a way that emphasize the cosy comfort of the norwegian cottage preffering natural materials. We minimize use of plastic and other chemical products both in construction and daily activities.

The boat is fully rigged with four sails: gaffel rigged main and mezzen, jib and staysail of totally 90 sqm.

Safety is our priority, so Karmø is equipped according to the latest international and Norwegian safety standards for passenger boats, including floating dresses with proper thermal insulation, liferaft, emergency communication and location equipment etc.


Phone: +47 971 56 233

Karmø at port in Bodø
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Enjoy the sun onboard Karmø
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Nice catch after fishing
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