2016-08-0712:43 Raymond Jakobsen

Bunkers delivery /method:                       YES, by truck or bunkers terminal
Supplies:                                                YES
Waste handling:                                      YES
Waste water method:                              Tank. Trucks
Tugboats:                                               YES, on prior request
Anchorage*:                                           YES
Pontoons:                                               YES, but for tenders only
Pilot:                                                      Channel 16/13
Emergency:                                            Channel 16
Medical emergency:                                 113
Charts:                                                   Norwegian
Tidal movement:                                     MLWS, 0.4 m; MHWS, 2.8 m
ISPS approved:                                       YES
Designated quays for cruise ships:            YES
Ship tenders allowed:                              YES
Beam:                                                    Unlimited
Max size ship in port:                               330 m. length / 10.5 m. draft
Max number of passenger per day in port: Max 5000 pax
Max number of ships per day in port:        Max 4 ships
Ship’s stay min /max:                              No limitation
Environmental limitations /restrictions:      NO
Port facilities according to
Cruise Norway`s guidelines:                     YES

Maximum ship length:

1. Dampskips quay 130 m
2. Town Square quay 220 m
3. Terminal quay South 230 m
4. Terminal quay 330 m
5. Valen Terminal quay 110 m

Maximum depth in sea:

1. Dampskips quay 6.0 m
2. Town Square quay 7.5 m
3. Terminal quay South 8.4 m
4. Terminal quay 11.5 m
5. Valen Terminal quay 8.0 m

Yokohama fenders available at the port