Láhko National Park

This is the national park to visit if you are interested in geology. Láhko has Norway’s largest karst landscape, which has created a rich flora and exciting formations in the rock. Láhko is also an excellent destination for fishing enthusiasts.

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2019-06-1417:06 Kristine Solli

Láhko National Park is the youngest national park in the Salten region. This area was protected in 2012 to preserve Norway’s largest contiguous area of alpine karst. Karst is a geological topography formed through the dissolution of soluble rock. The predominant rock in the national park is calcite marble, which is “soft” and easily affected by water and sand. This provides the alert hiker with many exciting formations and figures, while also making the bedrock vulnerable to wear and tear. The calcareous bedrock gives a rich flora and unique zoology. The national park has several unique ecosystems, including calcareous lakes.

Just outside Láhko National Park, you will find the Fykantrappa stairway, which is a unique cultural heritage experience, as well as a physical challenge, for those wishing to combine nature and knowledge. At the top, the Rallarbrakka mountain restaurant is open during the summer season. You can also reach Rallarbrakka on a mountain hike from Navnløshøgda along the old access road to Nedre Navarvatn, which is a T-marked path. Another T-marked path leads north from Navnløshøgda to the lakes Fellvatnet and Langvatnet. The local associations of hunters and anglers (Glomfjord JFF and Gildeskål JFF) have several rental cabins in the northern part of the national park, while the hiking association (Bodø og Omegns Turistforening) has the Fellvasstua cabin on the shores of the lake Fellvatnet. Several large lakes in the national park are noted for good fishing. It’s possible to rent boats at several lakes through the local association of hunters and anglers.

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