The best places to see the midnight sun in Bodø & Salten

This phenomenon intoxicates and captivates us all, regardless of whether we are born and bred here or a tourist experiencing it for the first time. It is hard to explain. It is light all day and all night long, but the sounds and atmosphere tell us that it is night time. The animals and birds know it too. We call it Nordlands never-ending summer days. It is something you need to experience first-hand to fully appreciate.

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2020-01-2712:32 Julie Abelsen

In the summer when the sun never sets, you can wander barefoot on white sandy beaches and warm coastal rocks. You can admire the Midnight Sun from a mountain summit or watch it hanging like a piece of polished gold jewellery on the horizon while enjoying the tranquillity of a private beach and great views north. Being outside in the bright light when sounds and wildlife indicate that it’s night-time is a unique experience.

The Midnight Sun is visible in Bodø from 4 June to 8 July.

The best places to see the midnight sun in Bodø & Salten

  • At one of the many beaches north of Bodø. Check out Mjelle, Hovdsundet, Geitvågen and Løpsstranda.
  • If you continue further north of Bodø, you can take the 10 minute long ferry to idyllic Kjerringøy. Here you will find many good places to watch the sun.
  • At one of the city's sky bars; Top13 at the top floor of Radisson BLU Hotel, or Roast bar & restaurant at the top of Scandic Havet Hotel. Wear your pumps and enjoy a delicious cocktail with a 360 view over the city and the surroundings.
  • Drive up to Turisthytta/Rønvikfjellet Mountain. Just outside the city centre you can drive all the way up to this view point. Here you can have a late night picnic and look north to the mountains where the sun is, and at the same time look out over the city. 
  • Hike up to Keiservarden - Bodøs rooftop. From Turisthytta you can also go for a hike up to Keiservarden - the most popular hike in Bodø for both locals and visitors. The view from up here is even better!
  • If you are driving to Bodø via the costal route, you will have an amazing view towards the midnight sun along the way. Make a stop at Ureddplassen in Gildeskål - maybe the world's prettiest outdoor toilet. 
  • Bøsanden in Steigen is also woth a visit! The view from here and the quietness is amazing.
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