Rødøy is a lovely coastal municipality situated below the Arctic Circle. In Rødøy, you can experience, the Svartisen glacier, Arctic Circle and the magical fishing village of Myken on the same trip.

The municipality of Rødøy in the far north of the Helgeland region has a population of 1,300 spread across five mainland and six island districts. The landscape is fresh, clean and wild, and there are dramatic contrasts in nature from one island to another. Be enchanted by fairytale mountains rising directly from the deep fjords, chalk white sand beaches, bright summer nights and a beautiful archipelago.

Recommended activities and experiences in Rødøy:


  • Boat trip on the Nordfjord

    The Nordfjord is a spectacular fjord with 1,000 m high mountain peaks, glacier tongues and beautiful waterfalls. The fjord is the gateway to the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park. You may encounter seals here. You can get here in your own boat or with one of the local tour operators.
  • Kayaking in the archipelago

    Paddle in the amazing archipelago and go ashore at your favourite sandy beach. In addition to many inhabited and uninhabited islands, Rødøy has more than 1,200 islets and skerries.
  • Local history at Falch trading post

    The trading post dating from the 1920s is now part of Rødøy Museum and features exhibitions about recent fishing history and the coastal culture. The museum has a summer café serving delicious waffles.
    Discover Rødøy Museum
  • Enjoy fresh baking at Selsøyvik Trading Post

    Selsøyvik Trading Post is one of the few trading posts along the coast that is still in operation. This historic gem was selected as the municipality’s millennium site. The trading post offer accommodation, a general store, café and a nice guest marina. The Arctic Circle passes through Selsøyvik and Rangsund.
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  • Explore Rødøya

    Experience the beautiful beaches, the historic church, Klokkergården guesthouse, the fairytale forest and Norway’s only teddy bear museum. Walk up the stone staircase to the mountain Rødøyløva to experience the Midnight Sun and the wonderful view.
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  • Lagoon trip on Nordnesøy

    At Hellstøen, you will find a lagoon surrounded by white sandy beaches, unique limestone formations and a rustic shelter with a nice fireplace. From there it’s only a short walk to the war memorial at the wartime hiding place at the Erlingshøla cave.
    > View a map of Nordnesøy
  • Boating holiday above the Arctic Circle

    On a boating holiday in Rødøy, you can cross the Arctic Circle stretching from Nesøya in the west to the Svartisen glacier in the east. Visit famous landmarks like the mountains Hestmannen and Rødøyløva, many guest marinas or how about some refreshments at Lyngvågen Café on the island of Gjerøy?
  • Magical Myken

    This historic fishing village on an island in the open sea has come to life again. You can spend the night in exotic accommodation in an old lighthouse on an island or in an indoor caravan. Visit Myken whisky distillery, Norway’s largest whisky producer, or go on a RIB safari to the many surrounding islands. Many events and courses take place on the island during the summer months.
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  • Kilboghamn

    At Kilboghamn, you can experience a wide variety of activities based out of Polarcamp, including cabins, boat and bike rental, guided boat trips and hikes.  Nearby is the island of Vikingen with the Arctic Circle global statue and the beautiful, small Sørfjorden while wonderful hiking options.
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  • Summit hikes for all levels

    On the mainland, you will find hikes up to mountain peaks to suit all levels. Admire the view of the archipelago from the top of Telnestinden, climb the spectacular Blokktinden or try one of the many marked hiking trails. After your hike, you will find refreshments and several places to stay in Jektvik and Tjongsfjord.


The landscape in Rødøy is unspoilt, clean and wild, inviting an active holiday or simply relaxing on bright summer nights.

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