Hike to Glomfjellet/Láhko National Park

Glomfjellet is the local name of the mountain area east of Glomfjord, which lies between Gildeskål, Beiarn and Meløy. Glomfjellet is among the most popular hiking areas in the district and in 2012 large parts of this mountain were protected as a national park.

2014-09-3014:49 Beate Tverbak

How to get there?

The exit to Storglomvassdammen and the entrance to Glomfjordfjellene is between Svartistunnelen and Fykantunnelen on Kystriksvegen / Fv. 17 (just north of the Svartistunnelen). At the end of the mountain road you come to the huge Storglomvass dam, which is the world's largest rockfill dam. The dam holds an incredible 3.5 billion cubic meters of water and is equivalent to about 500 liters of water each for all the inhabitants of the earth. Here you will find a parking space. The terrain in the mountains is hilly, easy to walk and family-friendly.

In winter, you may have to park in the first tunnel on the mountain road, or just above the tunnel if the parking lot is cleared of snow.


Unique rock formations and a rich flora

Glomfjellet is the largest contiguous limestone area in Norway. With its size and location, the area is a unique karst landscape, even on a European scale. Here, rain and surface water have formed a number of caves and rock formations.

The flora in the mountain area is very rich, with more than 260 known plants. In recent years, several new discoveries have been made of rare mountain plants, including stingray, snow wall and pinnacle flower.

In December 2012, large parts of the mountain area were protected as Láhko National Park. The national park covers 188 square kilometers in the municipalities of Gildeskål, Beiarn and Meløy.


Rental cabins

Glomfjord Jeger- og Fiskerforening and Gildeskål Jeger- og Fiskerforening have a number of rental cabins in the area. Gamma in Kvitsteindalen is open for public use.


Marked hiking trails

From the car park at Navnlaushøgda, T-marked paths go east towards Beiarn and Saltfjellet and north to Langvatnet in Gildeskål. In the summer there is a drivable road to Sundsfjorden and Fv 17.


Glomfjellet also offers good hunting terrain and several good fishing lakes. You have to buy hunting and fishing licenses.