Tips from the locals: Ulf Mikalsen

The boat builder at Kjerringøy has his workshop a stone’s throw from the old trading post. With strong affection for the region’s proud boatbuilding tradition, he wants to strike a blow for the coastal culture.

2020-01-1709:55 Otelie Knædal

Foto: Martin Losvik

1. What is your coolest cultural experience in Salten?

My coolest cultural experience was the Norwegian Coastal Federation’s national gathering in Bodø in 2006 and 2016. There were people from the entire Norwegian coast, along with 200 traditional boats. Craftsmen, professionals and musicians were all gathered here. We experienced regattas, entertainment, stories from Norwegian coastal culture, boats and handicraft activities. The gathering confirmed that coastal culture is Norway’s strongest cultural expression. We at the Salta Coastal Association, Nordlandsmuseet and other associations are keeping this culture alive.

2.What are your best cultural tips?

As a boat builder, I would recommend the Jekt Trade Museum, an informative experience. But travel first to Kjerringøy with the old trading post, boatbuilding yard, cheese factory, Karl Erik Harr Museum and Zahlfjøsen gallery. See the white sandy beaches, harbour and Nordland boats there. Maybe you can go on a quiet evening trip under sail to Karlsøyvær to catch saithe. It can’t get much better than that.

3. Why should people experience the Salten region?

Diversity! You can find traces here from the Stone Age and Era of Norwegian Sagas. Museums, handicrafts, music and openair theatre. There is a large range of naturebased experiences from the open sea to the high mountains, the worlds strongest tidal current, as well as easterly winds and southwesterly storms or strong winds. Experience windblown and friendly people all year round, a modern city and the country’s best preserved trading post from the 19th century.