Local Tips: Mathilde Winther

Mathilde is an authentic North-Norwegian whirlwind, and an enthusiastic incomer to Salten. She moved here with her family to Valnesfjord, where they make carrot marmalade, run the grocer’s store called Han Sylte, and will soon be opening overnight accommodations. She is happy to share her favourite things from the Salten region with us.

2020-03-0209:13 Isabell Grønnslett

1. What is your best insider food tips?

Buy shrimps from boats at the quayside in Bodø and then go out onto the breakwater to eat them.

Lunch outdoors at Hanna’s herb garden in Tofte, Misvær, where, you can also try the rich traditional pastries known as møsbrømlefser.

Spend the night in one of Astrid og Jesper’s cabins at Manshausen in Steigen and have a meal at their restaurant.

2. What’s your favourite thing about Salten?

A refreshing North-Norwegian dip in the sea and then sunbathing on the rocks at Nordvika.

Treasure hunting at one of the region’s many second-hand shops (Huset i Svingen in Fauske, Kaleido in Rognan and Fretex in Bodø.)

A day trip to Sjunkhatten National Park, with a rucksack on my back. Walk until my stomach is wet with sweat. Find a rock with a view, get my thermos out and take a break. In winter there are beautiful, prepared ski trails for those who like to go quickly or slowly, on long or short skiing trips.

3. Why should people visit Salten?

Salten is an instant experience of Northern Norway, from fjord to mountain peak. It’s easy to get to Bodø Airport, and the short distances within the region (by North Norwegian standards) allow you to travel safely around.

Both the urban and the rural are easily accessible, allowing you to find what your heart desires – we welcome you with good food and North Norwegian hospitality. Welcome to Salten!