Tips from the locals: Håvard Lund

Håvard is a traveller in the service of culture – a composer, musician, and writer. He works as regional musician for the County of Troms, and is familiar with tourism from both sides of the table, in addition to the restaurant and bar business. He is also the initiator of the Arctic Hideaway in Fleinvær.

2020-03-0209:21 Isabell Grønnslett

1. What is your best insider accommodation tips?

Skjelstad Art and Culture Centre in Steigen, is a converted barn offering cultural events, good homely fare and dreamlike rooms at mother Lillian’s place, nothing better.

Myken B&B – a seasonally open, low threshold gem with creatively presented fun accommodations and very pleasant hosts.

Følvika Northern Retreat on Sandhornøy island, a very pleasant and homely concept, close to the finest beach in Salten.

Edvarda’s House, Tranøy. One not to miss, but make sure Waldemar is at work!

The northbound Hurtigrute liner from Trondheim. Get up at 6 a.m. any time of the year, go out on deck and immerse yourself in the stretch between the Arctic Circle and Bodø.

The Arctic Hideaway, Fleinvær, a small hamlet with 10 tiny, architect-drawn houses on an unspoilt archipelago west of Bodø. You are forced out relentlessly into the natural surroundings, something for which you will be very grateful.

2. What’s your favourite thing about Salten?

The beaches in Gildeskål, including the shifting sands on the island of Nord-Fugløy.

3. Why should people visit Salten?

Salten is a relatively underdeveloped area to travel in, but this can be turned into something positive. You will be travelling like the locals, avoiding specially adapted short cuts, sluices, tourist traps and other phenomena that occur in places where tourism has been developed. However, the places where developers welcome tourists, are great places to be. 

Moreover, you will be practically on your own in countryside where the mountains are twice as tall as those in Lofoten, but equally as jagged. Bear in mind also that sundown behind the Lofoten mountain wall can only be seen from here!