Tips from the locals: Gøril Pedersen

After ten years in Oslo, Gøril moved home to Gildeskål. She lives right by the open sea and runs the clothing brand FOGG Gildeskål with her sister. She is inspired by the nature and architecture in Salten.

2020-01-1615:34 Otelie Knædal
Foto: Martin Losvik

Foto: Martin Losvik

1. What is your coolest cultural experience in Salten?

There are many art and music experiences in our region, but the nature also provides powerful and defining cultural experiences. I grew up 150 m from the sea. Although not as many people live directly from the sea as they did in the past, I believe the impact the sea has on us remains just as great to this day. Uredd-plassen (maybe the world’s most beautiful public toilet) is a wonderful experience right by the sea. It offers award-winning architecture in majestic surroundings.

2. What are your best cultural tips?

I like good architecture, design and art – surprises that fit in perfectly perhaps just by sticking out. We have the Stormen Concert Hall and library in Bodø. On the island of Sandhornøy, the Hjertefølger-family has built a nature house in a dome.

At Fleinvær, the Arctic Hideaway is built for peace and tranquillity on a windblown islet at sea. We at Fogg Gildeskål are also developing a construction project that we hope will add to this range of architectural experiences in Salten.

3. Why should people experience the Salten region?

I would recommend people to feel what it’s like to live here. Most of Salten is not densely populated, which is something us locals really appreciate. What I missed most when I lived in Oslo was the weather and being able to see and feel the seasons changing. When I got off the plane and smelled the salt from the sea, I knew I was nearly home.
We enjoy it here, regardless of the season and the weather! Everything has its charm and time, providing you to allow time to be captivated.