Children's own 7 tips on things to do in Bodø

The fifth graders at Østbyen children's school in Bodø are pleased to have tourists visiting. Here are the children's own recommendations for other children and families visiting their hometown.

2020-02-2114:24 Julie Abelsen

Here are the children's favorite activities

Mørkvedhallen climbing center

Here you will get challenged both physically and mentally. Children (and adults) can try bouldering and rope climbing. The children have their own activity room, and those who want can also sign up for a climbing course. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bodø Action Hall

Here you will get 800 square meters of action and fun! The fifth grades at Østbyen children's school especially recommend laser tag, but you can also try viritual reality experiences, escaperoom and arcade. Bodø Action Hall has recently opened new premises in the center of Bodø - easily accessible to all!

Norwegian aviation museum

Experiece civil and military aviation history of Norway. The Norwegian Aviation Museum is a huge and active museum full of real size planes, strange inventions, old objects and good stories. With the Bædi & Børdi app, the smalles children can have fun, explore a digital travel guide that guides the kids through the museum. The slightly older children can look for yellow boxes and solve tasks, while the whole family can finish the trip in the family room Airspace with cool air experiments. If you are up for more action, you can try the flight simulators at Newton flight academy right outside the museum afterwards. 

Saltstraumen - The world's strongest maelstrom

Only 33 km outside Bodø, you can experience these enormous natural forces. Lot's of people have been amaed by it. You can go fishing here, join a sea eagle safari or have a good history experience. If you are as tough as the fifth graders from Bodø, they especially recommend experiencing Saltstraumen with a RIB boat. Rafting when the current is at its strongest is a fast paced and exciting experience!


... or "badeland" (meaning "water park") as the kids call it, is an indoor bathing facility that is very popular with the locals. Here you can have fun for hours - perhaps especially during cold rainy days. The children can enjoy slides, stream channels, wave pool and diving boards. In the summer there is also an outdoor swimming pool.


Idyllic Kjerringøy is located just north of Bodø. Kjerringøy has many beautiful sandy beaches; an old trading post with cultural historical experiences and Bædi and Børdi for the little ones; the Ramsalten wetland center and much more. This is a natural gem with lots of culture, which the whole family will love!

Stormen library and concert hall

Stormen library has a great children's section and a cafe where you can reload your energy. Award-winning architecture and content-rich departments provide a library experience out of the ordinary. There are events and activities here, so it is not a "quiet" library. The Concert Hall has many setups, including some for children. The 900-seat concert hall has already earned itself a reputation as one of the world's best venues to perform acoustic musi