7 tips to make your travel more sustainable

Enjoy all that our region has to offer - with a better conscience. We give you our best advice.

2021-04-1211:04 Otelie Knædal
1. Eat and shop locally.

Many of our restaurants offer locally produced and/or home-cooked food and drinks. Support the local community and small local providers, shops and manufacturers by shopping locally.

2. Use public transport

If you travel by train, bus or express boat, the trip will be part of the experience. Cross the Arctic Circle with “Nordlandsbanen”, or travel with the express boat between small idyllic islands and fishing villages.

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3. Go on a cycling holiday

Cycling is a fantastic way to experience our region. You get close to the nature, people and our culture - all straight from the bike seat.

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Foto: Karoline O.A. Pettersen

4. Sleep at an environmentally certified accommodation

Sleep extra well at an environmentally certified accommodation. Several of the accommodations in Bodø & Salten work hard to reduce their environmental footprint, and this is a good reason to choose them when you need a place to sleep.

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5. Use our nature - but take care of it!

Go on mountain hikes, hide your toes in white sandy beaches, go waterfall hunting and explore our national parks. But remember to treat our nature with respect. We want many generations after us to experience exactly what you get to experience. Do not throw waste in the nature, clean up after yourself, follow the path and respect animals and bird life.

6. Rent an electric car

If you want to go on a road trip, but also want to make it as sustainable as possible, we recommend that you rent an electric car. See charging stations at ladestasjoner.no

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7. Join a local guide on a tour

Go on cave tours, mountain hikes and glacier walks with a local guide. They know the nature and the area well and can make it more interesting with stories and fun facts about the area. In addition, you help support local businesses.