Hike to Hovdsundet in Bodø – Rugged Coastal Day Hike

Hovdsundet is a secluded and stunning beach in Bodø. Getting there is half the fun and a challenging adventure on foot. The hike is difficult at times, but the natural beauty makes it worth it. The trail offers a diversity of terrain from white-sand beaches, coastal cliffs, pine forests to pebble beaches.

2018-01-1620:27 Raymond Jakobsen

Hovdsundet. It’s hard to believe that Hovdsundet Beach and Auvika Beach is north of the Arctic Circle. The highlight of this challenging coastal hike is the secluded beach Hovdsundet, one of the most beautiful and remote beaches in Bodø. No surprise this beach has become a quite popular Instagram spot in Bodø.

With effort comes privacy. If you`re an experienced hiker and prefer off the beaten track hikes, rugged terrain, rocks and beaches, this is the hike for you! The hike is challenging, but with effort comes privacy. The upside is you won`t meet many others on your way.

Challenging. The hike to Hovdsundet Beach is for those who are comfortable and experienced with backcountry hiking. If you`re a newbie, the trip might be a challenge. Be prepared to use your entire body as the trail ascends and descends over cliffs and rocky outcrops.

Hovden roundtrip? Hovdsundet Beach is located at the tip of a peninsula. The normal route (easiest) follows the southern half (same route back and forth) which is not as challenging as the northern part. If you convince us that you`re an experienced hiker we might choose to go all in and head for the complete roundtrip.

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