Sjønstå Gård Farm

2019-05-0610:38 Julie Abelsen

You can get to Sjønstå Gård Farm by turning off the E6 at Finneid and continuing towards Sulitjelma on the Fv 830 road. After driving about 17 km, you turn left after the Sjønståfjell tunnel. After a short drive from there, park at Folkets hus (the village hall). To get to the farm, you have to cross a bridge, after which you will see a grey-brown cluster of buildings in an idyllic setting. The farm is situated near Øvervatnet lake, at the head of the fjord. The road there will be closed by a barrier during the winter months and until the village hall (Folkets hus) opens on Sundays (around mid-June) and commences the sale of its popular, rich pastries known as “møsbrømlefser”.

The easiest way to get to Sjønstå is by car, bus or train. There are buses and trains from Bodø to Fauske that correspond with the bus you’ll need to catch. Ask the driver to drop you off at Ågifjellet, just after the Sjønståfjell tunnel, and walk down to Sjønstå along the road on your left.

Parking/Start:  The village hall (Folkets hus) at Sjønstå

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Ascent: 0

Highest point: 5 m.a.s.l.

Distance: 300 m there and back

Duration: 10 minutes

Terrain: Bridge and path

Municipality: Fauske

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