Mount Trohornet

2019-05-0612:46 Julie Abelsen

Mount Trohornet is situated on the island of Engeløya. Turn left at Ålstadkrysset junction and drive for about 5 km. Park near the bus stop at Mølleskog. The walk starts at the signpost. The entire walk is well marked with T’s and the path has been cleared and is fairly wide. After passing a gate just after start, you should turn right through the birch woods. Soon a grassy slope will appear, this is the hardest part of the walk. Shortly afterwards, you will find yourself in sparser birch woods and the path will flatten out. Turn right at the point where you leave the woods and follow the path and cairns up the hills. Stay on the path until you descend into a small valley and up through a scree. After a few hundred metres, you will reach the cairn at the summit.

To take part in the walk to Trohornet, it’s easiest to get there by car, or by bike in combination with the fast passenger boat to Bogøy. The fast passenger boat (Nordlandsekspressen) goes from Bodø to Bogøy and takes about 2 hours. Daily departures. You can take your bicycle on the fast passenger boat for free.

Parking/start:  Near the bus stop at Mølleskog

Degree of Difficulty: Medium, marked trail

Ascent: approx. 650 m

Highest point: 645 m.a.s.l.

Distance: 8 km there and back

Duration: 4 hours and 30 mins.

Terrain: Pathway through woodland and mountain terrain. Some screes.

Municipality: Steigen

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