Mount Finnesfjellet

2019-05-0610:43 Julie Abelsen

Turn off on the FV 17 road to Storvik. Drive out to Finnes and park in the car park just before you reach the first houses. Cross the road and follow the waymarks up the steep slope. Upon reaching Juran, follow the path for about 100-150 metres to Brunen, where you will find a postbox where hikers can write their names. Follow the path up towards the top. When you reach the treeline, the path will disappear. Go north towards the edge and follow the ridge up to the top, Finneskua, 506 m.a.s.l. Bear in mind that it is steep on the other side. Beware of snowdrifts here in the winter and early spring.

The easiest way to get to Finnes is by car. The alternative is by bus, in which case, the trip will be 8 km longer, there and back. Bus no. 200 from Bodø/Ørnes will take you to Storvika, and there are several departures daily. You may also take your bike with you on the bus if you wish. The trip from Storvika to Finnes makes a pleasant warm-up for the mountain hike.

Parking/start:  Finnes

Degree of Difficulty: Medium, partially marked path

Ascent: approx. 490 m

Highest point: 506 m.a.s.l.

Distance: 3.5 km there and back

Duration: 3 hours

Terrain: Steep mountain terrain

Municipality: Gildeskål

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