Hamarøyskaftet – Guided Climb in Northern Norway

Hamarøyskaftet is one of the most characteristic mountains in Nordland County. Although it’s less well known than Stetind and the summit is just 613 metres above sea level, some alpine climbing is needed to reach the summit. Join us on a guided climb, and be surprised by how much fun this trip is!

2017-03-0922:07 Raymond Jakobsen

Hamarøyskaftet is not a very difficult climb, but you will still need ropes and guiding to reach the top. You must be comfortable with some airy climbing. Between the alpine sections, you will find large ledges to rest on while you enjoy the amazing views. When you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with views of the Vestfjord and Lofotveggen (The Lofoten Wall) – the line of mountains on the nearby Lofoten Islands.

No rush. We allow plenty of time on this excursion, so we don’t have to rush. If you are wondering whether you can climb Stetind (Norway’s national mountain), climbing Hamarøyskaftet will give you a good indication of how you tackle heights. We recommend you start with Hamarøyskaftet before you decide to climb Stetind.

Looks steep. Hamarøyskaftet looks steep and virtually unclimbable at first glance, but don’t be put off. Most people manage this rewarding climb just fine. The mountain is known locally as Hamarøykuken as it resembles the male genitalia.

Hamarøyskaftet. Photo: Kjell Fredriksen.

"Hamarøyskaftet is manageable for most people and on fine days you will be rewarded with wonderful views in all directions, especially the magnificence and beauty of the Lofotveggen (The Lofoten Wall)."
Willy Jansen, Svolvær


Moderate. Quite airy. Requires climbing and abseiling. Please see details below.


6 - 8 hours.

Group size & Capacity

Max. 4 people per guide. We can arrange more guides if necessary.

Season & Availability

May - October.

Booking and contact information

Trip to Hamaroyskaftet

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Kjell Fredriksen