Bølgen & Moi Bodø


Bølgen & Moi Bodø focuses on a holistic restaurant experience with elements of playfulness, art and commitment. Idyllically located on the quayside in Ramsalt, we are ready to serve menus with local products and exciting flavors.

We also focus on tasty things such as food courses, cocktail courses and wine courses by appointment, and we simply love celebrations where we get to help create good memories for our guests. Our goal is to be the best on birthdays, so why not plan your birthday celebration with us? We are flexible on both layout and menu, we are more than happy to tailor menu experiences if desired, so get in touch!

With a long and exciting history, we have gathered all the accumulated knowledge about food and wine in a blissful cooking pot with an exciting concept as a result. With us, everyone is welcome for a pleasant evening with beautiful views of the sea.

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