Museum Guiding at Støtt


“The herring has arrived!” exclaimed Merchant Mack, full of excitement. It is referred to as the silver of the sea because it created wealth and hectic activity for fishermen, tradesmen, cod steamers, clipfish workers and skippers.

Did you know that Zahl himself (Mack in Hamsun’s novels) contributed capital and resources to Støtt and ran the central trading post on the Nordland coast in the 1800s?

Today, Støtt Old tradingspost is run by the 4th generation and is one of the most preserved cultural monuments we have from the coastal culture in Nordland. At the same time, it is a living fishing village and an arena for cultural and nature experiences.

Join us on a historical journey at the Conference Museum on the second floor of the Old Store.
You will hear the golden stories from the fishermen’s life and work, the traders in the region, local history from Støtt and the region, processing of fish on land and the yachting to Bergen m.m. You will also see the Espolin Johnsen family’s private photo collection “The Last Viking”, where you will take part in the dramatic coastal history from Johan Bojer’s novel of the same name.

Enjoy a 3 or 5-course menu based on local and short-distance food treasures in Restaurant Gammelbutikken. Stay overnight in the stately Bakery, this will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

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