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Time travel to Stone Age


We invite you to experience Stone Age history brought to life

More than 11.000 years ago, Stone Age hunters and gatherers came to settle in the countryside at Tuv near the Saltstraumen. We invite you to experience Stone Age history brought to life. In our Stone Age dwelling you can immerse yourself in ancient times by listening to stories and enjoying delicious, natural meat or fish around a large open fire. You will also be given an account about the archaeological findings in the area. We prepare food in the same way as our ancestors did, using a cooking pit where the heat source is red hot stones, helping you to learn about this ancient way of preparing food. Your visit can be combined with a wood-fired outdoor bath with 40-degree saltwater, in addition to activities such as longbow archery and trying your hand at various musical instruments. It may also be possibilities for a guided walk through the discovery areas on Tuv hillside in the Saltstraumen (* weather permitting). It is documented that the stone age people lived her for about 12 000 years ago. You will wander in their footsteps, hear their story, see petroglyphs, and maybe experience Northern Lights. Transport during the winter by coach. Possibilities for transport by RIB from March through October.
The stone age dwelling can seat 120 guests in total. Hiking opportunities on the hillside depends on weather
Facts Duration: 5 – 6 hours
Capacity: 20 –120
Season: all year around

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