With family at Støtt


The Helgeland coast, the world’s most beautiful coast, is the optimal starting point to gather the family for an unforgettable holiday or to mark a family event.

Here you will be able to experience nature with peace and quiet, as well as the sound of bird life and the sound of the sea. At Støtt you are sheltered from the hectic big city life and can enjoy nature. Hiking, swimming, kayaking, cycling and boat trips in the distinctive archipelago that offers the great sensory impressions.

This will also be an active holiday, where you will challenge each other’s comfort zone and get the adrenaline kick needed to perform the little extra. You will take part in a number of exciting activities where you will climb the highest peaks and frolic on the sea with various activities.

At the same time, you are in good hands and are guided by experienced instructors.

In the evening, we gather in Restaurant Gammelbutikken for culinary seafood experiences. With coastal culture, history and good hosts, the stage is set for fun, parties and a good atmosphere.

We recommend that you set aside at least 4 days on the Helgeland coast, but preferably both 5 and 7 days.

You should book in advance well in advance of your arrival to secure your place. We tailor a trip for you who want to experience the best of the Helgeland coast!

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