Winter dream at Støtt


Do you dream of going from the hustle of the big city to “winter world” where the polar lights and the northern lights create magic? Visit the island Støtt and be close to nature, culture and history.

Welcome to the exotic winter season with the magical polar lights, the blue hour and the exotic winter storms. Here you can hunt for the northern lights and paddle in a kayak between snow-capped mountains, islets and reefs. Did you know that the sea is extremely clear during the winter months? You will experience a rich wildlife both below and above water.

You may know that the Helgeland coast is a popular destination in the summer. What you may not know is that this region also has a lot to offer in the winter. Through a fishing trip, a tour of the museum and experiencing the archipelago on foot, by kayak or boat, you will experience our Arctic nature. The air and weather north of the Arctic Circle do something very special with you!

To see the magical northern lights on Støtt, you only need to walk right outside the house. The hunt for the dancing Aurora Borealis is worth the trip in itself.

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