Svartisen 2-day mini-expedition


Join us for an arctic adventure. A 2-day mini expedition on Svartisen is the ultimate way to experience the mighty glacier and the magnificent nature around. This is a trip you never will forget.

Day 1:
We meet at the shuttle boat in Holandsvika. Before we take the boat across the fjord, the glacier equipment and other common equipment are distributed. We go together over the bags to make sure that everything on the equipment list is included and the bag is packed correctly.

Well over the fjord after a 10 minute boat ride, we are driven the first 3.5 km, before we tackle the 200 meters of rock that must be climbed to get up to the edge of the glacier. After a short break at the glacier edge, we put on the glacier equipment, and go through rope layering routines and how to travel on the glacier.

Now we can finally get started with what we are here for, climbing glaciers. Already on the first part of the trip you will be challenged, and you have to work to get up. But today’s real challenge we first meet up at 450 masl, to get further up we have to get through the glacier fall. Here we encounter high ice walls and deep glacier cracks that must be forced in order for us to get further.
If we get past the glacier fall, we will encounter several challenging glacier sections further up before we set camp for the night on the glacier. If we can’t get past the glacier, do we set camp a bit further down on the glacier before we find some new challenges to try on.

Day 2:
After breakfast is eaten, do we start packing the camp and prepare for the way down. As on the way up, this too vill be a challenge.

NOTE: If the weather is too bad for camping on the glacier, will we on the evening on day 1 go down to Brestua and set camp there. Dinner will then be eaten on Brestua in the evening. On day 2 will we find some new and fun challenges for you.”

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