Støtt guestharbour


Støtt guest Harbour is situated north on the top of Helgeland. The island is about 32 nautical miles from Bodø city.

Støtt, by the mountain Kunna has always been a landmark, and it is known for it’s shielded harbour. For as long as people have been traveling by sea to Lofoten, Bodø or Helgeland this little Island have been an important stop on the way.

The Harbour is sheltered from harsh weather and big seas, and when you visit you should try the delicious seafood at Restaurant Gammelbrygga, spend the night at Handelsstedet and get fresh pastries and bread from Støtt Kolonial in the morning.

Its also possible to access Wi-Fi, rent bikes and kayaks, go on rib-safari and mountain hikes to the Meløy alps or to Svartisen and see the amazing glacier.

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