Kayaking at Støtt


Parts of Støtt is a nature reserve, and with the small islands and islets you are close to rare flora, fauna, and the unique bird life and large breeding colonies.

The kayak experiences at Støtt are suitable for you who are not such an experienced paddler and want close contact with the unique and beautiful nature in sheltered waters and sheltered coves. At the same time, we also have guided tours for you who are more experienced and like challenges with crime, surfing and a little free diving underwater in wild and beautiful nature. We also have courses at different levels according to the course ladder of the Norwegian Paddle Association. If you have a wet card and want to rent a kayak, suit and equipment, you are most welcome to do so.

We have many kayak trails to choose from, and together we plan the trip based on your skills, weather conditions and seasons.

We offer the following kayak experiences:

– Rent a kayak and explore Støttvær on your own
– Guided kayak trips
– Intro course Sea Kayak
– Technical course Hav
– Kayak course at Støtt
– Kayak experiences for young and old

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