Guided tour to Hamarøyskaftet


Hamarøyskaftet is one of the nicest trips you can have in Nordland.

The trip offers many nice sections with climbing and airy passages even though the top is only 512 m high. On the return there are three rappelling that are very fun and airy. On the trip you get to enjoy a good view and feeling of steep mountains, but there are still many good shelves that you can rest on and relax between the climbs. Our experienced guide takes care of safety so you can enjoy your trip and have many good experiences throughout the day. There are many nice photogenic places where you can take pictures of beautiful northern Norwegian nature. From the top we have a view of the Lofoten Wall and the national mountain Stetind.

Equipment you need is clothes according to the weather, a day backpack about 30 liters, a water bottle and food, good shoes. We provide other necessary equipment, harness, rope, helmet and safety equipment.

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