Baahdy & Birdy


Baahdy & Birdy makes it a lot more fun to experience and learn about Norway! Download the app and let Baahdy & Birdy guide you to and through different attractions in Norway using animations and lots of humor.

Birdy is a bird that can’t fly, and Baahdy is a goat that can – when he’s gassed up on fishballs, of course (biogas, that is). So, wherever the kids go, the duo farts along as their travel guides!

Baahdy & Birdy are two adventurous tour guides who are constantly traveling around Norway. With the Baahdy-balloon they get around wherever, and can guide the children over land, sea, woods and mountains. Baahdy & Birdy always sees the fun and interesting in new places and aims to be the children’s inspiring and engaging tour mates.

With Baahdy & Birdy, the holiday will be much more exciting, educational and fun for the children, and they can learn about Norwegian cultural heritage, history, nature and sustainability in a language they find engaging. And – with the help of the app they can help plan the holiday in advance!

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