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Arctic Aviation – Helicopter sightseeing in Bodø and Northern Norway


Arctic Aviation AS is a North Norwegian helicopter company, with headquarter in Bodø. We offer sightseeing tours that will show you Bodø and Northern Norway in a whole new perspective.

Northern Norway has a fantastic landscape with views to glaciers, mountains and fjords. From our base in Bodø we can offer sightseeing with exceptional panoramic view of Bodø and its surroundings. Do you want an unforgettable experience that really takes your breath away? Then fasten your seatbelt for a thoroughly enjoyable flight! Flying a helicopter is a lifelong dream for many. The experience starts with excitement when the helicopter eases from the ground. The joy rises as we fly towards carefully selected routes with a breath-taking view. We fly you along majestic mountain sides and you will see untouched nature that you can only see from the air. We also have the opportunity to have a short landing on some trips, so you can see nature up close and enjoy some bubbly before we head back.

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