Junkerdal National Park

Junkerdal National Park (Norwegian: Junkerdal nasjonalpark) is a national park that lies in the municipalities of Saltdal and Fauske in Nordland county, Norway, along the border with Sweden.

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2019-06-1417:06 Raymond Jakobsen

The 682-square-kilometre (263 sq mi) park was opened in 2004. The park borders the Junkerdalsura nature reserve.

The park is known for a varied flora. Some mountains and highlands have a large number of arctic-alpine species of plants. The lower altitudes in the park are forested. Several of the plant species are generally rare, such as the white Arctic mountain heather. The white mountain saxifrage is found in only three places in Norway, and it is most widely distributed in Junkerdal National Park. Many of the plants in this park are normally only found further north, or on other continents entirely. Some of the specialized plants are bullrush sedge, snow fleabane and alpine arnica, all of which are at their southernmost limit here. Other rare plants found in the national park are Arctic bellflower, upright lousewort and hairy lousewort.

There are wolverines, lynx, and brown bears that live in the park. Moose and reindeer are both common in the area. A wide variety of rare and threatened wetland birds also nest inside the national park, among them include the gerfalcon, golden eagle, red-throated loon, Arctic loon, and long-tailed duck.

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