Chasing the Norhtern Lights!

Join us on an exclusive Northern Lights experience - far from mass tourism and endless bus driving.

Northern Lights
2018-11-3017:29 Stine Eidissen Bya

In order to offer a high-quality Northern Lights experience, we focus on small groups. From Rognan we drive approx. 25 minutes to our basecamp “Ljøsenhammeren” It is situated on a hill in the middle of a beautiful mountain landscape, with great views of snowy mountains. Here we have the opportunity to wait for the northern lights indoors, if the weather is bad. The trip also includes a hot meal, consisting of our famous game casserole based on moose or reindeer meat.

Season for Northern Lights Safari
In the wintertime from late September to early April

It may be challenging to take good pictures of the Northern Lights, but we will do our best to assist you. For best results, it may be smart to bring your camera stand. We also take our own pictures on the trip, which we gladly send to our guests after the safari.

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