Caving - Enter the underworld

Cave walking is a very special experience. We offer guided tours to the wonderful” Vik” cave for small groups.

2018-11-2912:30 Stine Eidissen Bya

Entering a Cave like the Vik cave is a very special experience. The cave has a narrow entrance, which later expands to a wider passage as we make our way further into the Mountain. This unique marble cave can tempt with giant marmites, amazing drip stones and foaming waterfalls. - We guarantee an unforgettable experience.
According to a local myth, the cave also hides a treasure in a secluded corridor. Perhaps you are the lucky finder?
We follow the cave guidelines!
Cavers around the world have recognized the following rules for tourist traffic in caves:
1. Take nothing - just pictures.
2. Leave nothing - just footprints (and barely that).
3. Do not kill any thing - just time.
The trip is suitable for:
Anyone who is in normal good physical condition

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