How to travel to Gildeskål

South of Bodø you will find Gildeskål. Whether you arrive to Bodø by plane or by train, Gildeskål is accessible by express boat or bus. By car or on bicycle you will find us just south of the mighty Saltstraumen, along the National Tourist Road Helgeland, FV17, or the coastal highway, this picturesque road goes by several names.

5/18/2110:45 AM Kristine Solli

Express boat

Route planner: 

The local route for the express boat is called Bodø - Gildeskål.

The local ports of call in Gildeskål are:

Inndyr (community center)

Våg (Sandhornøy)

Mevær and Sørvær (Fleinvær)

Nordfugløy and Sørfugløy (Fugløya)

Sørarnøy (Sørarnøy and Nordarnøy)


It may be worthwhile to check the route, some ports are only available on demand.

The regional route for the express boat is called Bodø - Sandnessjøen.

The local port of call in Gildeskål are Sør-Arnøy, which corresponds with the local route.



Route planner:

The ferry route in Gildeskål is route 18-444 Sund - Horsdal - Sørarnøy


Ferry piers:

Sund: Ferry pier Inndyr (5 km away from Inndyr, community center)

Horsdal: Ferry pier Sandhornøy (5 km away from Våg). Sandhornøy is connected to the mainland by bridge at Kjøpstad.

Sørarnøy: Ferry pier for Sør-Arnøy, which is connected to Nord-Arnøy by bridge.



Line 200: Bodø Airport - Ørnes - Glomfjord - Halsa

The bus runs along FV17 with some connections to Sandhornøy and Inndyr. Use the travel planner on to plan your trip



Bicycle along national cycle route no. 1: The most beautiful journey by bicycle through Gildeskål is the trip over Sandhornøy. Then you escape tunnels and get the opportunity to cycle the beautiful coastal landscape. If you are going further south towards Meløy, it is possible to take the trip over Storvikskaret instead of cycling through Storvikskartunellen (3.1 km long). The road is partly overgrown on the south side of Storvikskaret, in return you get an incredible view of Storvika.

Bicycle rental can be found in Bodø:




The easiest way to get around Gildeskål on your own is with your own car. At least on the mainland and on Sandhornøy.

If you are going to Sør-Arnøy, be aware that the ferry may be full. One of our most important businesses is located on Sørarnøy. It is a salmon processing company, and there are often many trailers on board the ferry. If you are going to Sørarnøy or Nordarnøy, you may want to consider the need to take the car on the ferry, it is possible to park close to the ferry pier. Fleinvær is wonderfully car-free and can only be reached by speedboat.


Car rental can be found here: